Life RU Ready? Sweetwater County is a community wide collaboration of volunteers who educate, support, and empower teens and their parents to come together to increase awareness of the consequences of risky behaviors and to promote a healthy lifestyle. 

Life RU Ready? Sweetwater County was founded in Sweetwater County in 2012 and was modeled after Life RU Ready in Gillette, Wyoming.  Life RU Ready Sweetwater County is a partner of 501( 3) ( c) Injury Prevention Resources (Region # 5 Safe Communities of  Wyoming) under the directorship of Executive Director Noel Cooper and Vice Executive Director and Event Coordinator Jean Stachon.  There are approximately 150 volunteers which includes Rock Springs School District #1 and Green River School District # 2, the following listed planning committee and other various volunteer members from the communities.  

Green River Municipal Court                                           Sweetwater County Emergency

Green River Police Department                                        Rock Springs Municipal Court

Rock Springs Police Department                                      Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County

Rock Springs City Council                                                Rock Springs High School Health Academy

Rock Springs Urban Renewal Agency                             South West Counseling Service

Sweetwater County Attorney’s Office                              Sweetwater County Coroner’s Office

Sweetwater County Emergency                                        Sweetwater County Public Health

School District # 1 & 2                                                       Wyoming Department of Transportation

University of Wyoming Extension Office                        Wyoming Highway Patrol

Western Wyoming Family Health

Sweetwater County Department of Family Services, Juvenile Probation  

Sponsors and Key Supporters include: 


BOCES                                                    Searle Bros.

City of Green River                               Western Wyoming Beverage

City of Rock Springs                             Vase Funeral Home

Rock Springs Rotary Club                    Young At Heart Senior Center

Sweetwater School District #1           Wyoming Dept. of Transportation   Sweetwater School District #2           United Way of Southwest Wyo.

Tata Chemical


Life RU Ready? Project is a "life-simulation" health fair for teens and parents designed to increase awareness of the consequences of the teen's behavior, decrease motivation to participate in risk-taking behavior, and new opportunities for parent-teen communication.